What Happened to Recess ?


The State of New Jersey does not have a recess policy for our children. So much attention is focused on producing high test scores that recess has been put in a permanent “time-out,” and at what cost to our children? According to the National PTA, 40% of our children are obese. Others have high blood pressure and high cholesterol. It is incomprehensible to know our schools are encouraging inactive lifestyles by not making time for something as simple as recess.

Clearly, this is not healthy. Our children are in school more than 6 hours a day; most often with no break from their structured schedules. When was the last time you worked 6 plus hours without some kind of “recess”? Our children deserve a break during their school day to release built up stress and have time for unstructured play. Study after study has shown that recess is a crucial part of a child's development, physically and emotionally. Children who engage in recess during the day are more attentive and less stressed. Recess encourages them to use their imaginations, develop social skills, and build self-confidence. It is a child's right to play!

It is time that we, as concerned parents, grandparents, and caregivers, speak up. We must make recess mandatory in all schools. Send a message to our local Boards of Education and our State by signing below. If you have already signed, thank you! Please visit the sites below for more information on the need for recess.


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